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How Do Bail Bonds Work


Q: What is the bail process in Tennessee?
A: Once someone is arrested and booked on a criminal charge, that person may be held in jail for trial unless he furnishes a required bail amount. This amount is set by the magistrate, in accordance with the schedule of the offense and the risk involved, in order to ensure that the charged individual shows up in court to respond to the charges made against him/her. Bail may be posted with the court in several ways, usually in the form of cash, or by using a professional bondsman.
#1 BAIL BONDINGrecommends using a professional bail bondsman to post a bond.

Q: Why would I choose a bail bondsman instead of posting the entire amount of bail myself?
A: Most people don’t have readily available the entire bail amount and are anxious to get out of jail. By using
#1 BAIL BONDING you can secure release quickly. Also, posting the entire bail amount with the court would be very costly to your funds until a final disposition is reached in your case.

Q: How does bail work?
A: The process of bail is regulated by the State of Tennessee . A Judge within the county of arrest sets the bail amount. Once bail is set, an
#1 BAIL BONDINGAgent charges 10% + Tax. (The State of Tennessee regulates this fee.)  After payment is made, we go to the jail and post the bail.

Q: What are the benefits of bailing someone out of jail?
A: There are several benefits to consider:
Defendants can go back to work, school, home, family, and continue with usual daily life.
Permits the unhampered preparation of a defense.
Serves to prevent the infliction of punishment prior to conviction.